Prestressed Concrete Tanks choice for a variety of applications, including potable water, municipal and industrial wastewater, and thermal energy storage


Wire-wrapped, prestressed concrete tanks backed by over a century of company strength

We’ve leveraged our strength as an industry leader with more than 125 years of experience to build concrete tank structures that offer years of exceptional durability. Our circular, wire-wrapped tanks are constructed to meet or exceed ACI and AWWA D110 requirements, and we have the expertise to meet your specific needs.

Our qualified team of professionals has decades of combined experience in the design and construction of prestressed concrete tanks. For every project we undertake, our deep expertise and commitment to quality can be seen at every phase, and we’ll work with you to value-engineer a lasting solution that saves you time and money.

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Why Prestressed Concrete?

Low-maintenance concrete with single-wire, high-strength prestressing offers a perfect combination of durability, flexibility, performance and value.

Lasting durability

  • Engineered with single-wire prestressing to assure a permanent cylindrical compression in the tank wall
  • Constructed of concrete and shotcrete to prevent any corrosion from liquid contents and the outside environment

Application flexibility

  • Can be designed and built to any customized dimension on almost any location
  • Can be used to store and treat a wide variety of liquids, including potable water, municipal and industrial wastewater, thermal fluids for renewable energy applications and other industrial fluids

Superior protection

  • Adaptable to a wide range of environmental design conditions
  • Has steel shell diaphragm and positive floor/wall connection to ensure watertight service

Cost efficiencies

  • Delivers unmatched value for liquid storage due to efficient use of steel and concrete
  • Requires virtually no maintenance over the life of the structure
  • Practically eliminates expenses of maintenance and facility downtime


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Type II and Type III Prestressed Concrete Tanks

Each tank type brings unique strengths and advantages to different applications. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to select the right tank to match your needs.